„Transnistria” este un film al regizoarei suedeze Anna Eborn, câștigător al festivalelor de film din Rotterdam și Göteborg 2019 și spune povestea de dragoste și sfârșitul inocenței a doi adolescenți din regiunea transnistreană.

Filmul are nota 7,00 pe IMDb.

„The opening sequences almost seem fictional, such is the romanticism with which Swedish director Eborn captures a group of young teenagers, five boys and one girl, who in their downtime – which is their only kind of time – like to swim in the river, hang out on construction sites and climb tall buildings. In the foreground we see the blossoming of young love, with Tanya the only “game” in town, while in the background we glimpse a place without an identity – nothing but rubble where there should be buildings. This is Transnistria, officially and according to the United States part of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, a sliver of land in the east of Moldova that is approximately 120 miles long and 20 miles wide, and which started a movement for independence after the Soviet Union fell apart.

Inevitably, there is an end to this innocence, which is so beautifully captured that it’s heart-breaking to see these youngsters confronted with a society that offers them so few opportunities, and where the cultural impact is Russian – especially the amazing pop songs – and the friendships unavoidably become frayed. In the school system, Fidel Castro is quoted as if he were the final word on morality. The world they live in culturally and the bureaucratic world they actually inhabit could not be further apart” scrie Cineuropa.